Coupon Binders

Here are some of the better deals I have found on binder supplies lately. These are all either free shipping or Super Saver Shipping eligible*:

Right now Amazon has a great deal 3-ring zipper binders, which are perfect for couponing, here:

(In the past when I have posted items here their prices change often, so rather than deleting those that go up in price, I am going to leave them for a while because when they come back in stock from certain sellers their prices usually come back down.)
If you are just starting out, you may think the 3" binder is too big, but if you plan to really get into couponing, you will be glad you got this. I haven't seen one cheaper than this anywhere. If you do, let me know so I can update my list. In case you would rather have a smaller binder, here's a good deal on one:

Amazon also has the 9-pocket pages, which is what I use, here:

I use the 9-pocket sheets so I can hold as many coupons in my binder as possible. I usually fold the printables or larger coupons with the picture facing forward, so I know what I am looking for in the store. Some people prefer to have the currency-sized pocket sheets for the printables so that the details and expiration date are easily viewable. Amazon has those, too, here:

I love these Avery Write-on dividers. They are on sale at Amazon right now for just $1.59!

As far as a calculator and scissors, you can get them at the dollar store, or sometimes even cheaper during back-to-school time or clearance deals. Personally, I prefer calculators with covers so that buttons don't get pressed and the battery drained while I carry my binder around.

Pouches to hold pens, pencils, etc. can often be found at lower prices in the stores than online. I checked online at Amazon and Walmart, but didn't find any reasonable prices on these. I'll add them as I come across them, though.

*As of the date this post was originally published. If you follow any of these links and find otherwise, please let me know so I can edit the post accordingly. Thanks!